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Security Cameras

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75% Of ALL Crime In The U.S. Is Property Crime

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Industry Security Solutions


Analog camera 25 ft away


Our HD camera 25 ft away

security system

View your camera system through IOS & Android apps. A web portal is also available for viewing on any computer.

security system

All of our cameras are atleast 9x the resolution of ONE Analog camera. Our 10 Megapixel cameras are 30x the resolution.

security cameras

Our systems are modular and can be added to easily at anytime. Cost effectively add a camera to your new problem area.


The Mammoth Security Difference

As a leading provider of surveillance cameras and security camera systems in West Hartford, Connecticut, you can trust Mammoth Security to help you protect those things important to you. Whether you’re looking to update old CCTV cameras with something newer or you’re starting from scratch, you’ll find our affordable services and expert installers ready to help. One of the biggest benefits to installing a surveillance system is peace of mind. However, there are several measurable benefits as well. Did you know that many business insurance policies offer discounts for locations with security systems? There’s also the deterrence factor to consider. Knowing they might be on camera is enough to make many would-be criminals think twice! Advances in security camera system technologies offer image quality that rivals professional movies. Many cameras can even capture high-quality images in dark settings or when facing bright lights. With the new generation of digital surveillance cameras available, you no longer need to worry about blurry images or complicated camera placement. You’ll always know that should the unexpected happen, you have verifiable evidence and undeniable images. Surveillance camera and CCTV camera options are also more flexible than ever before.

  • Wireless cameras provide high-resolution images from light poles in parking lots or we can even connect buildings wirelessly.
  • Fish-eye lenses offer wide views to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Pinhole cameras are available that capture HD video from discrete, undetectable locations.
  • PTZ cameras capture entire parking lots with automatic patrol settings & 30x optical zoom. All of this is connected to the Internet to offer crystal-clear views of your cameras from anywhere you have Internet access.

Whether you’re at the computer in the office or checking your phone from the comfort of home, you’ll always find your security system a few clicks or taps away. No more bulky video storage, no more complicated hardware and no more worrying. Without our exssssperienced team of installation professionals, we can design and install most security camera systems in less than two weeks. If you’re looking for ways to improve security on your property and gain peace of mind in an increasingly chaotic world, give Mammoth Security a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss the best options for your needs.


Can You Integrate With My Current Camera System?

Yes we can! We have solutions that will integrate your current analog or digital system into one larger single system you can check anywhere in the world. We can even replace your current cameras with High Definition cameras using the same wiring. Analog camera system upgrades have been popular due to the cost savings of re-using the existing wiring.


How Long Can The Camera System Keep Footage

We can tailor a system around any of your needs. The best practice is to keep 30 days of footage available for review. Some industries require more time due to state / federal regulations. We can accomodate any length of time required.

You can reach our professional installers in other towns, including: Hartford town, Manchester, Middletown, Torrington, and others

Top-Rated Security Camera Systems in West Hartford, Connecticut

Mammoth Security Inc. West Hartford is located at 485 New Park Ave, West Hartford, Connecticut, 06110. From Bradley International Airport (BDL), head north toward Bradley International Airport and slight left onto Bradley International Airport. Then continue straight and keep right to continue toward Bradley International Airport Con. After that continue onto Bradley International Airport Con and continue onto CT-20 E/Bradley International Airport Con. Next, use the right 2 lanes to merge onto I-91 S toward Hartford and take exit 32A-32B for I-84 W toward Waterbury. At this point, merge onto I-84 and take the exit on the left toward Flatbush Ave. Then turn right onto Flatbush Ave and turn left onto New Park Ave. After that, turn right onto Jefferson Ave and turn right. Finally, turn right, then turn left, and Mammoth Security Inc. West Hartford will be on the left.

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